Thai Silk Dupioni

Thai silk is a timeless piece of unique craftsmanship and art created by rural Thai women. Every strand of hand-woven silk reflects the beauty of natural fibers. The imperfections in the threads make the silk more desirable as a living and breathing fabric. In fact, the uneven texture of Thai silk renders hand-weaving the only way to achieve the luster and finish associated with it.

  • Handmade Dupioni 100% Thai Silk
  • The dimension of fabric are 36" in width.
  • This fabric sold in lot(s) of  5 and 30 yards
  • Ship within 5-15 days, fresh handmade re-stocking weekly
  • $74.50
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Thai silk is a timeless piece of unique craftsmanship.

The Thai silk that we use is locally made and this technique for manufacturing strands is the one our craftsmen adopt. This process adds to the elegance and beauty of traditional Thai dupioni silk. The hand-woven has unique luxury properties and includes a blend of two different colors for the warp and the weft. This is proof of its originality.

Available colour, for specific colour is in supply please contact us for detail.

  Thai Silk Dupioni in Immaculate white Thai Silk Dupioni in Pearly whispering ivory Thai Silk Dupioni in Sparkling champagne Thai Silk Dupioni in Effervescent orange

Thai Silk Dupioni in Flaxen gold Thai Silk Dupioni in Antique rose Thai Silk Dupioni in Blush pink Thai Silk Dupioni in Hot chic pink

Thai Silk Dupioni in Risque red Thai Silk Dupioni in Finespun fuchsia Thai Silk Dupioni in Hunter green Thai Silk Dupioni in Ethereal green

Thai Silk Dupioni in Brilliant peacock blue Thai Silk Dupioni in Azure icy blue Thai Silk Dupioni in Sapphire blue Thai Silk Dupioni in Majestic amethyst purple

Thai Silk Dupioni in Lustrous sea shell silver Thai Silk Dupioni in Oxford charcoal grey Thai Silk Dupioni in Rich chocolate brown Thai Silk Dupioni in Vibrantly black



  • Order in lot(s) of:-
    5 yards ( $14.90 / yard ), 30 yards ( $14.00 / yard )
  • Colour
    Hunter green, Vibrantly black, Rich chocolate brown, Oxford charcoal grey, Lustrous sea shell silver, Majestic amethyst purple, Sapphire blue, Azure icy blue, Brilliant peacock blue, Ethereal green, Immaculate white, Finespun fuchsia, Risque red, Hot chic pink, Blush pink, Antique rose, Flaxen gold, Effervescent orange, Sparkling chanpagne, Pearly whispering ivory