We Ship Worldwide

We Ship Worldwide

Our international shipping services

We have been shipping our products internationally for well over a decade and we offer a wide array of reliable and cost-effective international shipping solutions. We work in collaboration with a number of highly trustworthy professional courier and forwarder services in order to ensure that your product arrives on time.

We constantly strive to ensure that you receive your merchandise in good condition irrespective of the method of shipping you choose. We offer extra services such as OEM packing, insurance, and numerous other value added services. Please reach out to us for further details about the same.

We provide shipping services for both small package orders and large package orders. Our teams will directly contact you in order to process the details of your import clearance.

Small packages

In order to calculate shipping costs, we use our real-time shipping calculators for small packages that will be directly delivered to your door.

How should you go about the shipping process?

Add item(s) & quantity to cart. Next, click view cart and choose your destination. After this, apply and click save. Now your shipping cost will be displayed. After the cost is displayed, you will be able to place your order and make the payment.

Large orders

For large orders, the price will be set according to freight on board (FOB) shipping point (required minimum order $5,000 USD). We will process your export clearance and send all the documents to you for your import regulation.

The type of forms and certificates is optional and is based on your custom regulations. We will contact you personally about each shipment. The cost of freight transport and other costs from the ports of Thailand will be collected at your destination. Our agent will contact you and quote the price to you before the merchandise is shipped. Our team will contact you personaly after your order has been placed for all requiremetns.